We are not a nursing agency, we operate as an ‘introductory service’ with no ongoing role in the direction or control of the service that is provided to the individual. 

“A spokeswoman for the Care Quality Commission confirmed that Map a Nurse did not need to register with the regulator because the company had no role in managing or directing the care provided.” (Nursing Times)

“A Care Quality Commission spokesperson said an ‘introductory service’ would not fall under its remit because the nurses are considered self-employed and ‘work directly for the person receiving care.” (Nursing Standard)

We work with nurses who have many years’ experience working within the health sector and the NHS trusts and who are able to respond warmly and positively to people of all ages who may be anxious, distressed or facing problems with their health and wellbeing.

Registered Nurses have the concept of knowledge, practice and understanding for which they apply to current legislation to all service users. They are able to personalise care for each patients engagement.

It is are aim to give the highest standard of care and the most up to date care management. In order to achieve this we collect and generate actionable efficient healthcare data. 

‘I burnt my legs in a stupid home incident which involved a hot tea! I had to go twice a week to my GP so that the nurse could change the bandages, but I couldn’t walk and I had a 4 month-old baby. I really struggled with the situation and I would have loved it if a nurse could have come to my home to treat me.’ (a real story)

‘Map a Nurse is a much needed service in this city, and it’s absolutely amazing:
I was struggling to find a way to get a daily wound dressing change after a minor surgery, as I work full time and couldn’t use the GP appointments, and Map a Nurse was the right solution. My nurse has been so professional, precise, caring and thorough… I cannot praise her enough.’ (Claudia, London, October 2020)

Map a Nurse‘ will  help customers and patients stay healthier at home, our service is designed to be cost and time efficient and engage with customers and patients in their homes allowing them to be functional and independent as possible.

We won the London Health Startup Weekend 2018

We are in the FastForward, the UK’s Pre-Accelerator Programme (FFWD for short) is an initiative backed by The Accelerator Network and Capital Enterprise.

We are in the London & Partner Business Growth Programme.

Honored to pitch in front of The Duke of York at Pitch@Palace in Tour at Wrexham

Honored to pitch in front of The Duke of York! HRH seems very interested in our pitch at Pitch @ Palace in Tour
Honored to pitch in front of The Duke of York! HRH seems very interested in our pitch at Pitch @ Palace in Tour