Our Manifesto.

The unique function of the nurse is to assist in the recovery of the patient, contributing to their health and wellbeing.

To be a good nurse means to possess a wide variety of qualities that fit together equally and achieve a balance that benefits the ultimate goal of a nurse, and that is the health of a patient. A nurse not only has a detailed medical education and background but a passion for helping a sick person achieve a state of health and comfort.

To be passionate about our NHS, fiercely protective of the staff working within it and of the patients we look after who deserve the best care we can give them. But chronic underfunding is crippling the healthcare system. There are fewer nurses joining and staying in the profession. There are not enough hospital beds and not enough money directed towards primary care. Hospital wards are “working above capacity” and “breaching guidelines”.

In an ideal world there are no more than  2-3 health problems, no one requires a doctor, no one have medical needs. But unfortunately every one has to deal with well being, with health problems, with minor and major injuries, with NHS, GP, hospital/private surgery, dentist, wound clinical, walk-in clinics/centre, outpatients clinics. 

We are lucky if we never have to go into an hospital, A&E center or have to visit any of the following specialist departments *

However, sometime things happens or just because people are living longer now and elderly people need assistance with health problems, sometime they need carers and nurses with hospital experience and/or community experience to help with daily activities. Years ago, in 1860 a woman, Florence Nightingale was the first to laid the foundation of professional nursing with the establishment of her nursing school at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, from them United Kingdom was and is at the state of the art regarding nurses, a nurse can give a patient the right assistance care with medication, wound care, dressing, taking blood pressure, minor injure, treatment after surgery care.  Inspiring by the mission of Florence Nightingale (there is a museum in St Thomas Hospital in London) Map a Nurse want to help people to gain the right care and medical assistance directly at their home, saving time instead of going to A&E saving personal hours. Using hi-tech, our startup can send a nurse on-demand to customer’s door like a ‘Uber for nurses’, with a click on a mobile phone app or on our web site. Map a nurse can assist patients/clients with long term treatment, short term or a one off treatment. Our mission is also to help support the NHS and individuals to save time and avoid the engulf of the A&E centre with people that could just need an nurse to review there medical emergency. Our dream will be to work together with NHS, Trusts, Council and sponsors to assure nurses can give a free or reduce nursing care to people with low income. We know that it’s difficult, but we want to help to deal with health problems in the more easy accessible way.

  • Example of specialist departments where sometimes need to visit:
    Obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics, Medical surgeon, Dermatology-Venereology, Oncology, Geriatrics, Cardiology, Emergency medicine, Ophthalmology, Vascular surgery, Urology, General surgery, Public Health, Pulmonology/Chest/Lung, Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Respiratory medicine, hematology, Endocrinology and diabetes/diabetic, Hematology/hypertension/hypotension, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Colon and Rectal Surgery, Rheumatologist/rheumatoid arthritis, Podiatry, Sleep medicine, Tropical medicine, Hospital medicine, Palliative care, Family medicine, Travel medicine, Sports medicine, Occupational medicine etc.