12 Common First Aid Mistakes Everyone Makes

Do you know that these are the 12 most common first aid mistakes that everyone makes? Have you ever made anyone, thinking of doing the right thing? Do you know how to behave correctly? Find out here and take note:

Tipping your head back during a nosebleed

Putting butter or ice on a burn

Moving a seriously injured person

Spitting on a cut to clean it out

Giving Benadryl for a severe allergic reaction

Washing out a tooth that got knocked out

Saving a tick to show the doctor

Putting heat on a sprain or fracture

Trying to remove debris from an injured eye

Removing gauze from a bleeding wound

Not seeking care after a car accident

Making it hard for the EMT to find you


Discover all the details about these mistakes and how to avoid them in this useful article by Lisa Lombardi on Reader’s Digest


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