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  • Self-employed, independent contractors. You are your own boss!
  • Self –supervision, you work with patients/customers 1:1 determining how to best help each person. This increases job satisfaction, reduces stress and you can earn extra cash.
  • Every day is different as each patient visit is different enabling you to use your years of knowledge and skills.
  • Your patient/customer type maybe within a radius of your stated address.
  • Working at a time that suites you giving you more control of your working and social life.
  • Selecting a time and job stated that suits you.

Map a Nurse‘ is an on line platform where you will be able to see the available jobs and locations. We are not an agency but an ‘introductory service’, we operate like a marketplace to allow you to obtain work at your convenience.

Minimum requirements to join our platform:

  • UK PIN number
  • DBS certificate
  • NI Number (Card or Letter)
  • A minimum of 1 year experience at band 5 in the UK

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