You can request a professional nurse to your home 24 Hours a day – 7 days a week in a click !

Map a Nurse‘ will come to your home to treat your medical concerns at your convenience and when you need them most.
By combining live customer calls with our platform this allows efficient and effective engagement with a nurse to come to your home.
‘Our’ registered nurses are within a radius close to your home, office or hotel (if visiting).

‘I burnt my legs in a stupid home incident which involved a hot tea! I had to go twice a week to my GP so that the nurse could change the bandages, but I couldn’t walk and I had a 4 month-old baby. I really struggled with the situation and I would have loved it if a nurse could have come to my home to treat me.’ (a real story)

‘Map a Nurse is a much needed service in this city, and it’s absolutely amazing:
I was struggling to find a way to get a daily wound dressing change after a minor surgery, as I work full time and couldn’t use the GP appointments, and Map a Nurse was the right solution. My nurse has been so professional, precise, caring and thorough… I cannot praise her enough.’ (Claudia, London, October 2020)

We support long term and short term care. 

Our nurses can support and solve your needs such as:

  • Minor cuts and bruises
  • Dressing Change (surgical or minor injury)
  • Eye drops
  • Assist with injection care
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Assist with skin care (sunburn)
  • Treatment Advice
  • Removal of sutures
  • Blood taking
  • Blood glucose reading
  • Etc.

Why choose this service?

  • Reduce the time spent booking and going to a GP
  • Reduce the time spent trying to find a walk-in-clinic
  • Reduce your time spent in A&E (where you can wait up to 4 hours and more)

Please fill the form to be the first to know when we will launch our service and receive your welcome offer**.

**The Welcome Offer is valid for those who sign-up until the 30 June 2022, this gives you the opportunity to receive 25% more nursing time on the first hour you book. This means that you pay for one hour however you will be given an extra free 15 minutes.